How can the site be improved?

      The site can be improved by making it safer than it is today. By making it less hazardous beginners would not be scared to try it out and if emergencies happen it will be easier for the tour guides to comply with the guest’s needs. Also, the areas are hard to reach whether by foot or by wheels because the roads are so bumpy and rocky. When we traveled with a tricycle from Tanay to Daraitan our bottoms were a bit hurt because of the continuous bumping.

       A good thing to change to their tourist system is to combined all the payments included in the trip into one package for a smoother trekking experience. Our payments for the trip were separate. First, the tour package that includes our tour guide. Next is our headlights for the cave and our tricycle trip from the barangay to the mountains. Lastly there are also additional expenses because we crossed the bridge and a boundary. It would be easier if the full payment was asked from us on the beginning of the trip. Light post or main post is a must for the site so that it will help every road specially at night to light the way. Emergency aid is also a good suggestion for the site to be able to reduce some conflict whenever an accident occurs. And the last thing is that there should be vendors waiting for costumers near the mountain or even along the with the tourist to make the tourist more comfortable than ever, mineral waters are very essential for the tourist for it is the main thing which helps the tourist from getting into tiredness.

By making the trekking sites safer, beginners will benefit from it since they do not have any experience on climbing a mountain thus preventing any further injuries or accidents to occur. Professionals would not need it as often as beginners but it is also efficient for them when times of emergencies happen.


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