Daraitan People

      When we were already few steps away from the Daraitan Center, we already saw people who welcomed us wholeheartedly and greeted us with a smile on their faces. Almost all of the Daraitan people there are helping each other by means of  the children who are selling bottles of water and buko salad along the way to mountain Mamara.  What I observed the most were our tour guides who assisted us in going to the mountain. They always give as reminders to take our time in walking and if we our already tired they want us to tell them so that they will know when to rest for a couple of minutes. Their help does not only stop in helping us climb the mountains, they also shared their own personal stories, they insisted in helping us catch the tricycle driver who somehow scammed us and they also guided us on our way home and it was already dark that time. All the people there are very kind and humble.


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