The mountain

      Mountain Mamara is the mountain on the other side of the Tinipak river opposite of Mountain Daraitan. It can be considered as a the younger brother of Mountain Daraitan since only a river actually separates the two mountains. The hike to Mount Mamara’s summit takes less than two hours but it takes 3 hours for us to reach the top. It is mostly an uphill trail with good tree cover. It can get slippery when wet. On its summit there is a very refreshing view of the lush Sierra Madre range and the Tinipak River below.

      Our hike was meant to be at mountain Daraitan but we wew informed by our tour guide that mountain Daraitan takes a day to reach the summit of the mountain, so he offered us to climb mountain Mamara because it will takes only 1-2 hours. When we started to walk to reach the top of the mountain, we cross to the wooden bridge which is connected to the two mountains and it was made by the man who was living near in the river. Mountain Mamara is good for beginner hikers. The mountain was covered by beautiful and tall trees, when we almost reach to the top of the mountain the rocks become sharp and the path gets slippery because of the thick mud. On the summit, there is a very resplendent and refreshing view. You can see also the wandering Tinipak river below.


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