Summary of the Daraitan Journey

Team Daraitan

      Early in the morning we are very excited to go and arrive to Mount Daraitan, we brought a lot of things in our bag, it is like we brought our own drawer or cabinet just to make sure that we do not forgot something. In the trip we were sleepy because of excitement and the trip is very relaxing because of the cold air, some of them are not comfortable because they want to pee but they do not have choice but to stay. On our last stop we went on a fast food and order some food as their breakfast, then another ride in a tricycle. When we are in our destination we are very excited and happy to get down the tricycle and take a photo of the mountain. We were really excited to climb the mountain but before that we went to the coordination center to pay the fee, but we got upset because they did not believe about the entrance but they do not have a choice because they are already in their destination. On the mountain we were laughing and motivating each other that we can go on the top of the mountain no matter what and also the climbers who they encounter motivated us that we can do it. We were very tired and our feet were shaking but they did not stop. When we reached the top top the smile on our faces are wide because at last we reached the top of a mountain for the first time and we took some photos then after we go back down to the Tinipak cave and we were amazed inside the cave because of the rock formation and cold water. After in Tinipak cave we were all excited to swim in the Tinipak river, First we change our dirty clothes and walk for about 15 minutes and then went to the river. We played and did not  not waste time until the last moment then after we eat our dinner and went home.

The preparations

      First, we planned to go to a place that is connected on their strand which has relevance to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathamatics. We chose Mount Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal. It is connected in sciences because of the rock formation that you can find in this barangay. Second, we budget our money for our whole trip especially the transportation, food, entrance fee, etcetera. Third, we prepared our things that we need in our trip like a shirt, slippers, food that is not perishable, shampoo, soap, towel, phone, power bank and water. Fourth, we meet early in the morning in our meeting place to arrive earlier to our destination and to reach out for a tour guide for us to know more about the mountain and for us to have a guide while trekking.

The journey from the start to the end

      At first we were excited about our trip to the mountain. When we were in the coordination center, we felt upset when we knew about the entrance fee that costs 1300 pesos for all the activities on a 7 person. We do not have enough money to afford the entrance but we do not have a choice, because we are already on our destination that is why two of our members paid the excess cost of the entrance for us to continue our trip. After, we eat our breakfast before the orientation. After the orientation we rode on a tricycle to arrive at the exact place. When we arrived the tourist guide started to explain and tell a story about the mountain while some of the members were taking a picture.

      After we pass over the Tinipak river and took some pictures after we passed through the river and we rested for a while and continue. After that we climbed the mountain Mamara for 3 hours. When we are climbing we felt tired and dehydrated because we do not have enough water. When we are climbing we encountered some tourist that gave us motivation. When we reach the top, we took some photos and felt very happy because we reached the summit of a mountain for the first time in our lives. After that we decided to go down the mountain where we spent 30 minutes to reach the bottom. After trekking we rested and wait for our turn to enter the Tinipak cave. When we entered the cave it is dangerous because the rock formation are pointed and greasy. The water inside is very cold and has a strong current, then we exit the cave. We decided to swim in the Tinipak river. We are really excited.  We changed our clothes and then we walked for about 15 minutes before we reached the shallow part of the river. After that we swam for a while then we go back to the coordination center to rinse our bodies and change our clothes, then we eat our snacks and then we ride a tricycle going back to the bridge where there are vehicles that are waiting for the passengers.


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