The Universe

      I was amazed by how the universe exist and how life is form by substances. Big Bang theory is the most famous theory that explain the existence of the universe. The universe is believed to be at least 10 billion light years in diameter and contains a vast number of galaxies. One of the galaxies is the Milky Way galaxy where we can find stars, space rocks, black holes, and planets like Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Earth that they called as the living planet. Earth is where we are, the Earth has different kinds of living creatures like trees, animals, human being, bacteria, and also non-living things. These things are what we use for our daily lives, some are useful and some are harmful. Back to the universe, some scientist stated that there are multiverses. In short, there might be other planets as same as the Earth that has life in it. National Aeronautics and Space discovered other planets in Milky Way the similar to Earth. First is the Mars, but it is dry and cold. Stars are formed inside relatively dense concentrations of interstellar gas and dust known as molecular clouds. These regions are extremely cold. At these temperatures, gases become molecular meaning that atoms bind together. “Atom” This really caught my eye, because as you can see in science the atom and its parts is one of the reasons why the Big Bang was created. If you want to study more on atom I recommend that you go to the Mind Museum in Taguig City.


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