Introduction to Daraitan

Why Daraitan?

      Right from the start me and my classmates already know where to go and where to do the blogging. We found out that there is a beautiful scenery and spot in Daraitan, Rizal after our teachers posted pictures of their trip to Rizal. It was a great help for us that we found out where we should go for our blog. Everything that we had planned was agreed definitely by half of the group. Seven of us decided to go to Rizal and the remaining four decided to have their blog on Mind Museum. We were very excited that time because it will be our very first time to experience into going to Daraitan, Rizal and we would be able to see the beauty that captures the place with our own two eyes. Mount Mamara was our first option because if we chose Mount Daraitan, it would take us a day to reach the top of the mountain compared to Mount Mamara, it will just take an hour and a half to reach the top so we decided to go there first. And followed by our next destination, the Tinuntiungan Cave which is located under Mount Mamara. I would say that we struggled and it was way too and difficult but its for the sake of our blog and grade. And then luckily we were able to rest and relax and nicely followed with a swimming near the shore of the river. And that was the day we had fun.

The story that lies beyond

      Daraitan came from the word Daet and was named by the leader of the town. Tinuntiungan Cave is not just a beautiful scenery but it can also uncover the mysteries about science like rock formations. Tinipak River was named after the rocks that had been cracked (which is tinipak in their own language). A small restaurant is located near the tinipak river to create a great spot for the people who want to enjoy the relaxation on the main camp. Mount Daraitan is twice larger and taller compared to Mount Mamara. Selfies and picture taking is allowed on top of the hill or mountain but reminders and warnings should immediately be followed. The bridge connecting Mt. Daraitan and Mt. Mamara was made by the man who was living near the river.


      It takes almost two hours travelling from Crossing to Tanay, if you are to commute with a jeep the fee will cost 58 pesos for a student. Make sure that if you want to arrive early to Daraitan, Rizal. At around four in the morning you should be ready to start commuting so that you would not arrive late. After travelling from Crossing to Tanay, It is either you commute with a tricycle or a jeep, but I suggest a jeep so that you can save money, it only cost 100 pesos compared to a tricycle, minimum fee is 100 pesos and the maximum fee is 200 pesos so it is better to ride a jeep. Right after arriving to the terminal near a river, you would see a hanging bridge that is just a walking distance from where you are standing. After crossing a bride, you will also ride a tricycle which only cost 10 pesos unto your destination. And after that you will see a Daraitan Center wherein the tourist are paying their fees inside the center. After waiting for a couple of minutes, you can now have at least two tour guides with you if your group will at least count up to 7 members or higher. Then followed by the orientation of the tour guide which they will explain all the rules and regulation including the directions and the kind of mountain you are going to choose. After that you will also drive a tricycle which only cost for 20 Pesos. And starting from where you arrived, you will be walking already until you reach the restaurant located  on the boundary of Rizal and Quezon. The Entrance fee will cost 30 Pesos and followed by a 5 pesos fee when you are going to cross a small bridge. After that all the other directions depends to the tour guide itself to be able to assist you in reaching your designated place. If you want to go back already just follow my directions reversely and all will just be fine. That is all and take care.


      You should always bear it unto our mind that going into a trip is not just simple task. The likes of being prepared is definitely necessary for you to be able to prevent shortcomings and miscalculated budgets. You should have a pocket money of a thousand Pesos to avoid some conflicts in the way. Of course the payments are just another kind of budget for the fees. Make sure to bring an extra shirt, short and bath utensils, towel and underwear if necessary. Also, make sure to have a spike shoes worn not any other shoes because it might give up along the way. It is also helpful that you bring your lunch and dinner food for the sake of your body to recuperate the energy that was taken out. Bring your own power bank and have your cellphones fully charged to cause no troubles and worries when your already on your trip. Everything must be set in order and make sure you are fully equipped before going out in a trip.


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