An Overall Analysis

Rating our Journey

      Every new discovery is an adventure and the trip to those specific Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related spots is truly one trip to never forget. First, the trip to Daraitan, Rizal where we crossed the tinipak river, climbed Mt. Mamara and went under the Tinuntiungan Cave. The obstacles we went through Daraitan may truly be dangerous and risky but it is very fulfilling to see yourself at the summit of Mt. Mamara. Second on the list is the ever so famous, Mind Museum to be found in Taguig. These museum is a spot to go if it is all about new discoveries and fascinations in science. It features exhibits about the universe, biology, physics and other branches of science. We will be rating the journey in three aspects, the level of adventure and excitement it gives, the new discovery it gives and lastly is its relevance to our Strand. Both of the places give an excitement in different ways. Daraitan giver the thrill of hiking and the mind museum the excitement of learning new things. In terms of discovery of course the mind museum is full of it but Daraitan, Rizal also gives knowledge about rock sciences and the lives of the natives. When it comes to the relevance of the place to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, the most relevant aspect of the places to our strand is about science although Daraitan also features early architecture and engineering because of the bridges built by the natives from there in able to cross the river. Both of the spots has a different way of making you want to go back. Learning while having an adventure is a productive thing to do especially for us students who like both adventure and learning. Overall, we will be rating the two said journeys to 1o points from a scale of 1 – 10. Personally, we think that both journeys deserve a perfect score of 10 since they both gave a good factor of new discoveries, adventures, experiences,  and its huge relevance to our strand.


Relevance of the journey to our strand

      Daraitan, Tanay Rizal is not just a home to scenic historical and topographical places but a home of science too. It is a home of indeed Earth Sciences or geology. First and Foremost is the rock formation itself, the large marble rocks in Daraitan undergone from metamorphism due to heat and pressure as factors affecting the transformation from sedimentary rocks to metamorphic rocks. Before the rocks in Daraitan became a large marble one, it was once a limestone which is a sedimentary rock. Aside from this, a geologic feature called a mountain like Mount Mamara and Mount Daraitan were formed from two continental tectonic plates sliding past each other. There is no subduction zone since there is no more or less dense plate causing the two plates to move up or rise together. This is the process of mountain formation wherein it would take millions of years to form such one. The trip to the mind museum also has a huge relevance to our strand like what its tagline implies, “Science comes alive”. This museum features a lot about different branches of science, robotics and even engineering. Overall the spots we chose to visit is one of the perfect places to go if you are finding a place in relevance with our strand which is Sciene, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


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